Mountain View Cemetery, Piedmont.  Overlooking the port of Oakland, Downtown, etc.  Some of the best views in the city.  All of Oakland’s old money is buried here. That pyramid mausoleum is about as big as my apartment and it’s a couple of stories tall. Those other structures are burial sites too.

All the names: Stanyon, Merritt, etc.  A beautiful place to run, hike, walk, play, meditate.  “You don’t know how many times I spent here. Even in my darkest times I found peace in this place. It’s crazy how many robber barons are here and it’s a reminder of how crazy America is!”  Those are the words of my cousin who first took me there years ago.  I’ll never forget that day and the impression of Oakland it made upon me.  All the symbolism people have taken to their graves. Symbolism way beyond faith in God but symbols of manifest destiny, capital, wealth, society, the occult, the illuminati. It’s all there. And yes, it’s a strangely beautiful and peaceful place. There is a new Chinese section at the top of the hill with a beautiful new fountain and gravel paths.  This will be a good place to decompress during Oakland’s first general strike since 1946 this November 2.  I wonder if there will be a Richter Scale reading of all the old $ turning over in their graves. 

Oct 31 -
All the old $

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